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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival

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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival

Post by Gameguy1996 on Thu May 15, 2014 3:06 am

It looks like there some good and bad news. The good news is that it seems like this game is coming to North America this September. The bad news is that it seems to be an eShop only title.

Source 1

Source 2

Let's hope this is fake since many people likely won't buy the game on the eShop.


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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival

Post by queenzelda on Thu May 15, 2014 3:14 am

I doubt it would be down-loadable only seeing as usually the games come with promo cards. I hope it's wrong; I'd hate to miss out on this one seeing as usually the YGO handheld games usually have pretty decent gameplay.



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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Thu May 15, 2014 3:08 pm

I wouldn't be surprised, since it likely wouldn't sell as well as a physical retail game at full price.


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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival

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