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My Mermaid tale.

Lady Queen
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My Mermaid tale. Empty My Mermaid tale.

Post by queenzelda on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:25 pm

Once upon a time in a distant ocean far away there was a beautiful fish wife. She was very loyal to her fish husband. Then one day he went on a spawning trip with out her. This made her very sad; so she decided to go to the pool where she had first spawned from to see if maybe his brothers or sisters were there.

But like her husband they too were gone every place she went looking brought her only more & more deeper sadness.

She kept looking & looking day in & day out only to not find any of his kin or their kind before them. When suddenly she came up on an oasis in the deep a spot that she had never visited before & decided to look there. Once she went inside she found more fish then she had ever seen in her life. So many colorful fish! Way more then she could ever count. It was then she looked up above her & she saw a light coming in on to her head. It was this light that was making all of the fish glow all different shades of bright colors.

Swimming to the top close to where the surface was she noticed that the sun was coming in through an eyeglass of some sort. Something she had never quite seen before but she was scared to approach it because going above the water meant certain death for her. But what was there left for her anymore? Brightly colored fish bellow or something more above?

Taking only mere seconds to think things over she decided that no matter how hard she may look that she would never find her fish husband or her kin.

She decided that it was best to just give up her search.. Sad that she came to this conclusion she decided to leave behind a bead of pearls that she had found a long time ago when she was first wed to him.

Finding the bead of pearls she brings it back to the place she had found & smiles leaving it right in the middle of all the fish above her who were dancing & swaying in the light above. Nodding she turns her fish head & follows the light all the way. Once at the top she hesitates for a mere moment to gather her courage. In that moment that her courage is gathered; she leaps out of the water.

Once she leaps out of the water she catches a glimpse of what is beyond the eyeglass & her fishy body makes it clean over the eye glass. When she lands on the other side of the eye glass she is no longer a fish but a human girl. In this new form an old man approaches her & tells her that she must begin fresh; a new as her old life is behind her now.

Still sad she looks back with tears in her eyes for the one she loved was still in the fish pond some where.. It is only when the old man leads her to a room full of people who were
lost before that she sees him.

The one whom she loved. Over joyed she runs to him & they embrace.

He asks looking to her; "What took you so long?"

She just laughs & says to him as she was smiling with tears in her eyes; "You know I was never the one who was any good at hide & go seek. You always won." My Mermaid tale. 3


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My Mermaid tale. Empty Re: My Mermaid tale.

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:34 pm

It's a cute story, I really like the ending of it, Queen. :3

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