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Tile Wars (Signups)

Nessness Ness
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Tile Wars (Signups)

Post by Nessness on Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:40 am

This is a random forum game that I am hosting, which is a remake of Mario Party 5's Minigame Wars. The rules will be simple to follow.

Welcome to Tile Wars- we need 2 players to play.
Tile Wars
1) What is this game about?
Tile Wars is a strategy game which involves 2 players. It is a remake of 'Minigame Wars' debutted in Mario Party 5. The goal is to place many tiles and gain more points than the other player before all the tiles are taken.

2) Arenas
Arenas are the areas where these games take place in. Some Arenas have different twists that other Arenas don't have.

3) Placing Tiles/Earning Points
Each turn, there is a minigame- the winner of the minigame can place one tile on the board. The player can only place tiles next to adajent tiles. (If it's the 1st turn, then the player can only place tiles on the center area.) For one tile, the player will get 5 points.
Some Arenas may have slightly different rules of placing tiles.

3-1) Minigames
Minigames can be either text-based or can be a flash game where you try to get the high score.

3-2) Bonus Minigames
Sometimes the regular Minigames are changed to Bonus Games. The awards of winning these games are changed.
1. The item prize is added with it.
2. The player will get additional points for winning the minigames.

3-3) Stealing Tiles
The main way of stealing tiles is sandwiching, which happens when one player's tiles are between the opponent's tile(s) in straight line. Then these tiles (and the points) are stolen.

4) Different Types of Areas
There are 2 different types of Areas.
1. Blue Areas: Nothing Special happens.
2. Pink Areas: Placing a tile here will give you an item. (Explained later)

5) Items
There are items in this game which are earned by winning special minigames or placing tiles on Yellow Areas. The player can only hold 1 at a time, and they can use it while they are placing their tiles.
1. Flipper: Flip your opponent's tile into yours instead of placing a tile.
2. MultiTile: Place 2 Tiles this turn.
3. 2x: You will get 2x points this turn. (Stealing counts as 2x, so the opponent loses 2x points)
4. WarpTile: Place a tile anywhere this turn.
Today's Arena
Multiplier Central: For every 2 turns, the multiplier will go up. (1x->2x->3x..) Other than that, the gameplay is the same.

If you want to sign up, read these 2 steps.

Signing Up
1. You should be able to visit this site at least once in 48 hours. Please be active.
2. State a character and a color you will play with EXCLUDING BLUE AND PINK.

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