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Nintendo investor briefing

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Nintendo investor briefing

Post by Gameguy1996 on Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:18 pm

This topic will be updated with most of the news from the investor briefing.

David Gibson wrote:Iwata's focus today is on the outlook, what we would take change is integrated hardware and software, continue reading and do for future,

Iwata wrote:Sorry, won't change is hardware and software combined is the strategy won't put games on other platforms, but learns lessons from past. Will continue R & D on hardware in the future.

David Gibson wrote:- President Iwata apologizes for the big cut in its full-year guidance, bows for three seconds, But he says he’s not pessimistic about the game console outlook. And there is no change to game console being the center of its strategy. He insists the company will not be abandoning its hardware business

Iwata wrote:Need to identify new opportunity and create new market, WiiU weakness is game pad, recognition is low, price cut not an option, people think game pad is accessory for wii

David Gibson wrote:- President Iwata concedes adapting to change is necessary, but he highlights the company has gone through drastic changes in its 125-year history, starting from Hanafuda cards to now game consoles. He says Nintendo needs to put a balance between what it’s going to continue doing and the drastic change it needs to undergo.  President Iwata says he needs to revamp its marketing for this year’s holiday season. Putting priority on making software that make most of Wii U game pad capabilities. Says he will fully utilize NFC function and says the company has overcome technological hurdles to making virtual consoles.

Iwata wrote:WiiU game pad needs titles to take advantage of pad, is company's highest priority, will reveal nfc titles at E3, plan highspeed startup. Gamepad profile to be increased, Mario Kart 8 to be released in May, fast start up of Gamepad designed so can play without TV quickly

David Gibson wrote:Iwata's wants to change the definition of platform, previously it's been devices based, 3ds and WiiU are not compatible and users separate. . Mr. Iwata says he’ll make sure Mario Kart 8 won’t be just a one-off boost in Wii U momentum.

Iwata wrote:Nintendo Network ID is important, also used for future handheld and console, now include smart device, not put Nintendo game on smartphone. It doesn't make sense for us not to do business in smart devices, want to establish connection to users to drive to own devices. Won't optimise software for smart devices, thinking of launching service sometime this year, an on demand service. So service is ID based and not device based, account relationship with customer, more users play game the lower the price. If play with friends then perhaps lower price. Will experiment with this model on WiiU, changing attitude to licensing IP and will seek partner to expand exposure. In emerging markets plan to push into in 2015, want to establish user relationship, understand prices need to be lower. Defines entertainment =improving quality of life QOL in the next 10yrs is to improve this, first area is health, want to find blue ocean. QOL could do wearable devices but wants to leapfrog that to non wearable devices by Nintendo, want to propose healthy structure for day2day. Thinks there will be synergies between games platform and QOL platform. QOL platform with roll out in April 2015,integrated with games, business plan details in 2014, business impact in fiscal year mar 2016. Smart device service application is not designed to make money but as communication to users, act as a channel to users. Smart device service just advertising is not enough, it needs to be fun and engaging, connect with what people are talking good about. Nintendo is increasing its investment to overcome weakness but not intention to continue current investment into next fiscal year. Marketing will rise as proportion roof revenue but type will change and especially for smart devices. 3DS will be driver for next fiscal year, WiiU will not provide big profit but software titles will drive restoration.

Cheesemeister wrote:#NDS Virtual Console coming to #WiiU.

Iwata wrote:License character IP= will now be more flexible, won't license everything, consider competitiveness or if undermine then not do. Already in discussion for licensing arrangements, no budget set, make profit in not so distant future.

Miyamoto wrote:WiiU impacted by lack of key franchises, think is resolved, games are not boring, strong reviews for 3D World. It is single player that is weak and communication about games, reviews have been very strong. Think franchises can be upgraded in more stable manner working with external developers. Admits Nintendo land was not sell explanatory, admits WiiU had vacuum as year, it's not about volume but quality that's important. Health is just the 1st step for the "quality of life" platform. Learning and daily life to follow. 3DS dominates in Japan so 3rd party want to develop for, overseas console dominates with developers focused on console and not portable. But thinks with 3DS having 10m installed base developers are more interested, WiiU rebound will see 3rd party follow. Miyamoto saying can now allocate resources for new ideas like QOL and plan to build flagship product to demonstrate.  

Iwata wrote: next time propose hardware will utilise what done on WiiU, cannot have console and portable separate systems,they are brother/sister. cannot have 2 to 3 different architectures, Apple has one iOS platform as does android, Nintendo has to do the same. On licensing model says won't do Sanrio model but prefer not to follow other's model, wallpaper on smart phones could happen. Would consider cancel stock,when say non-wearable means something not just have in living room, but want to remain mysterious now on this. Nintendo  is sharing philosophy with another company and aligning with them, cannot do alone. WiiU sales while weak in USA or UK they were strong in France and currently studying why that was the case. entertainment needs to give surprise, this is bigger with hardware and software together, Nintendo integrated has more options. Want to present entertainment in a different way on smart phones, session over and most leave. Internally call free to play as free to start, just because can make money doesn't mean have to put games on smart phones

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Re: Nintendo investor briefing

Post by Luma Party on Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:51 am

Mario Kart 8 not until May...
That really sucks.


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