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Introduction: Who the hell is SMK and why is he such of a bast***?

Sir Metal King
Sir Metal King
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Introduction: Who the hell is SMK and why is he such of a bast***?

Post by Sir Metal King on Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:04 am

Hello all. My name is SMK aka James D.J Kinch. And yes, D.J is apart of my real name. I'm 13 and first came on the site around 2 years ago. Never really stuck around for a long time though. When the podcast was originally formed with me, Antiguy or what ever he was called then, Zero, Link/Soup and Yi. 

I was born 20th of July 2000 almost 14 years ago today and over the time I went from being a baby to nursery school as a small child to being the bully at primary school for 4 years to being loved by the school to become head boy then to being bullied in the start of secondary school to then realising that I am able to stop bullying easily and finally to where I am today. Well, that's just a small slice of what I did as that only covers school.

Why am I here you may ask? How did SMK get all this way from being a baby to become a such a powerful gamer? Here it is in short form - I got my PSX when I was about 3/4 with a couple of games like Crash Team Racing and Hogs of War. (Best games I've ever played in their respected genres) I then went to the PS2 buying over 70 games then to Wii in 2006 with games like Mario Party 8 and Mario Kart Wii. PS3 was right around the corner and I picked one up with Motorstorm and I later got games like Dragonball Raging Blast 2 and Tekken 6. 

Now I'm just going to stop quickly because I realise that I'm making a mess.

What other consoles do I have? Here's a complete list: 

2x PSX
2x PS2
3x DS - DS Lite, DSI XL, 3DS XL
2x Wii
2x Gamecube
Gameboy Colour
Wii U

Went so off topic that it hurts.

Anyway, why am I a bast***? Well. Firstly I support the things that people don't usually approve of such as UKIP. I also HATE people who worry about things like appearance. Make-up and hair is the worst. I remember when you had the old gay stereotype but now, every bloody Tom, d*** and 'Arry are looking like it and I really wonder if all the boys in my school are gay. Make-up wise I promised myself that I would not marry anyone with make-up on at anytime. They look lovely without it but with it, it just looks like a clown just got 'busy' with her. I dislike Americans who think the language they use is the same to ours and my list could go on and on about what I hate.

These are the reasons why people hate me but I love myself for because I couldn't care less about you and I will only like/love people who like me for who I am or for people who are like me. 
A British Cynical Intellectual Bast***.

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