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The team-up game!

Nessness Ness
Nessness Ness

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The team-up game!

Post by Nessness on Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:55 am

The rules are simple.
The first poster gives users a selection between two options. (Like This or That)
And for the next 24 hours, all of the others choose one of these two options. (The person who made the selection can choose too.)
After 24 hours, a user can announce which team won and make a new selection.

Ness: Team Mario or Team Zelda? My choice is Zelda.
Monino: Mario
Morshu: Zelda
Link: Zelda
Peach: Team Zelda wins! Princess Peach or Daisy?
And it goes on.

Choose between Team Zelda/Team Pokemon.
I go with Team Zelda.

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