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The cursed house (rated pg: 13)

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The cursed house (rated pg: 13) Empty The cursed house (rated pg: 13)

Post by queenzelda on Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:51 pm

The cursed house

It all started with just one achy tooth, a simple procedure to go & see the dentist & all would be fine. But problem being the patient who went to see the dentist had high blood pressure. Thus the dentist told the patient that because their blood pressure was too high & that the dentist couldn't help them as the drug they injected into the patient would then cause them cathartic arrest. As the drug the dentist used would raise the blood pressure of the patient & thus skyrocket the patient's blood pressure worse then what it was already at. Thus since their high blood pressure was already at an elevated height the patient was told to see an urgent care facility.

The patient did as they were told & went to see a specialist at an urgent care only to be looked over told they not only were fat, but to try to eat less & to lose the weight. Told a dinosaur story that was funny by the care physician, & tossed some antibiotics for their trouble. The tooth that started this whole process: still causing the patient pain still hurting them & still causing them agony all the while was still in their mouth.. All the while they took medicine to not be in pain but some times it just would not work & the pain would keep the patent up nights, or would hurt to the point that they just couldn't bring themselves to eat anything due to the pain.

A week later the very same patient went to see a nurse who looked the patient over; told not only did they have high blood pressure, but that they were fat. The nurse then prescribed some drugs to the patient for their high blood pressure, & handed the patient a pamphlet about a diet that they should be on.

3 weeks later; the high blood pressure is still unresolved, the medicine given to the patient still wasn't working for them. This time the patient tried a separate dentist for a second opinion of what was told to them from the first visit. As the first visit with the first dentist the patient was told that all of their teeth had to come out & that they just to accept getting dentures in. Where as the second dentist told the patient that with some simple cleaning after the tooth they were having problems with was able to be extracted; then they could probably save the patient's teeth. Two dentist's two different opinions; the latter better then the other.. BUT the dentist could not help the patient as their blood pressure medicine was not working for them; since the patient read so high that she wanted them to go to the hospital. But the patient assured the caring dentist that they felt fine, so the dentist excused the patient insisting they call their primary care giver about it. The patient again: was turned down for help with the tooth that had been hurting them for going on 3 weeks.. Which by this time had becoming almost a month later. The patient was then referred to a dental surgeon by the second dentist; the staff at the second dental office apologized to the patient & allowed them to leave.

Needless to say that the patient had arrived at home: still in pain. Still with the tooth that needed to be extracted in their mouth.. It was not only causing them pain; but the patient hadn't slept hardly at all in the last couple of days. The appointment the patient had made to see their primary care giver after they called to ask for an appointment had been made; but it was still a good week away & the patient was starting to run low on patience.

Finally the next day; the patient had HAD IT. They were done with going to see ANY care giver. They were sick of being in pain & just wanted to get out of it. Desperate to end their pain; the patient waited the next day until they were all alone. Once alone in the bath room with their cell phone in one hand a knife in the other: the patient dialed 911 & got the operator.

"911 operator how can I help you?"

Patient X: "I can't take this any more. I'm sick of always being in pain & no one wanting to help me. I just can't take it any more. I'm going to kill myself right now & just get it over with. Please just come & get my body.. It'll be in the bathroom when the driver arrives."

"Please calm down & we can talk this through. You don't have to kill yourself. Just stay on the line with me. An ambulance is on it's way right now. Tell me where do you live?"

Patient X: *Crying now* "I live at *bleeped for reasons*. I'm just so sick of doctors throwing pills at me and not wanting to help me! Don't they know how much pain I'm in?!"

"Just calm down mam! The ambulance is on it's way. Stay on the line with me until they get there."

Patient X: *Weeping now* "I just can't take it anymore! The pain is unbearable & no one wants to do anything about it!"

"Please mam just hold on! The ambulance should be there soon!"

Patient X: "No, I can't do this any more. I can't.. I'm.. Sorry."

And then the dial tone went dead. Later that day; it was said on the local news that when the ambulance arrived at the scene: no one was home. The person who had called was no where to be found. Though when the door to the bathroom was finally opened about an hour after the person who opened the house opened it; the police found a cellular phone that later was confirmed to have come from inside the house that hadn't been used in years. Upon even further investigation the police found out that the person who owned the home; who was a kind young man once had a wife whom had killed herself earlier that year.

The young man who owned the home wasn't charged & eventually he sold the home to another couple who tragically had their child die. Years in & years out each time the home was sold the cell phone stayed & called out for help but each time some one finally arrived to get there the next person who needed it: would be found dead.

Eventually a police officer put everything together & locked the cell phone away but not before she found out that the first man who owned the house had repurchased it again.. Going to check on the rumor; the young police woman found the door unlocked.. And as she made her way to the bathroom where many had been found dead on October 31st of every year since his wife had died.. She slowly opened the door to find the former owner; slumped down over the toilet.. Looking up as she noticed that his feet weren't touching the ground; she realized.. He'd hung himself.

She closed her eyes & moved the same step ladder he used to hang himself with; only to trip & end up getting caught in the noose herself.. Thus claiming yet another life.

As the years passed the house took many lives & when ever a life was taken it was always blamed upon the curse that the wife had placed up on the house by killing herself. Slowly over time every one forgot about the origins of how the house ended up cursed & eventually after no one bought the house a good decade later it was torn down & most of the location was turned into a grave site. But though the house is no longer there; or it's inhabitants the land itself seems to crave for the blood of humans. So if any one goes to explore the "Cursed Gravesite" at midnight on October 31sth; they won't be coming out alive anytime soon.

The end. (Bwahahahaha)

The cursed house (rated pg: 13) Animal10

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The cursed house (rated pg: 13) Luma-p10
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