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Will there be more Wii U games next year?

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Will there be more Wii U games next year?

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:49 pm

Do you think there will be more games on Wii U next year? Or are the games we know about currently the only ones releasing next year? Normally, there's at least 1 or 2 games, if not more, that release that aren't announced until the year they release. But the reason I ask is because there's already so many Wii U games releasing next year, enough to have 1 brand new game a month. What do you think?

I think there will be a couple more. Iwata has said that they have other spin-offs in development, and there's the rumored 3 third-party games, and remastered game releasing next year. It's also Mario's 30th anniversary, so I'm expecting some kind of Mario game. (probably a remake but maybe a new game)

And if I were to guess, there must be some kind of "back up" big game for next year's holiday season. Of course, Zelda Wii U is the biggest game on Wii U next year, and will likely release that holiday season. But we all know Zelda games are almost always delayed in the end, so they should have something good for the holiday season just in case it ends up being delayed. I mean, they have games like Star Fox that will be good, but they probably won't sell as well.


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Re: Will there be more Wii U games next year?

Post by Gameguy1996 on Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:31 pm

I think the 3D Mario that's in the works will be out at the end of next year and maybe a new Mii game like Nintendo Land 2 or something will come out in Fall of 2015.


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Re: Will there be more Wii U games next year?

Post by queenzelda on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:26 pm

I sure hope so. The 3DS has so many more games then the Wii U does by far. Atmo; I have more 3DS, Wii, PS2, DS & PS3 games then I do Wii U titles tbh. It's kinda ridiculous; & it's the main reason that I tend to purchase the Skylanders titles for the Wii U console since there are so few games out on the Wii U I want to get really.



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Re: Will there be more Wii U games next year?

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