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Nintendo Predictions 2015

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Re: Nintendo Predictions 2015

Post by Polar on Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:53 am

WOW!!! Remember this thread!? Were your predictions right or wrong?

lmao i only got two right 
@Polar wrote:-Legend of Zelda U gets delayed 
-New Mario Sports game for Wii U 

these i got like sorta right??
@Polar wrote:-New Metroid game for both 3DS and Wii U
-Animal Crossing Wii U announced 
-Nintendo continues with lackluster VC releases for Wii U, no new information about 64 and Gamecube getting VC releases (i got the lackluster releases and no gamecube part right at least)
-amiibo continue to get under stocked (is the situation better in the us?)

wow jan 2015 me was ao angry and edgy and wrong 
@Polar wrote:-New 3DS regular will not release in NA
-Mewtwo is the only DLC Sm4sh gets 
-More Mario Kart 8 DLC
-Mario Maker will only have so-so sales (why did i think this why)

f-zero wasn't teased in anyway so i guess i can't put that on any list.
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Re: Nintendo Predictions 2015

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:05 am

Oh wow totally forgot about this thread. I'm going to guess I got none right but we'll see.

I actually got almost ALL of mine right! Wow.

- Mario Maker will be overpriced at $40 or more, and won't have as many features as expected.
It was $60 and definitely didn't have as many features as expected, however the updates are adding at least a few cool new things, hopefully there will be more interesting updates later on.

- 1 or 2 more Wii U budget games (like Captain Toad, Kirby) will be revealed for release this year.
I got this one somewhat right. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Triforce Heroes, Happy Home Designer, and Paper Jam were all priced highly but were just reusing assets for some quick money. (I'm not saying they were all bad, but they definitely weren't up to normal Nintendo quality)
- Zelda Wii U WILL release this year, in November, with minor Amiibo support.
Lmao no, but I was right about the Amiibo support! It's been confirmed that the Twilight Princess Wolf Amiibo is compatible with the game in some way.
- Second Club Nintendo will launch near the end of the year (October or later) and will be more about discounts than free games.
I was pretty close, and it DID release in Japan in fall, but we still have a couple more months to wait.
- Virtual Console won't be rebranded, they just won't call the classic titles anything from now on
I don't even know what this prediction was supposed to why would Virtual Console be rebranded anyway? They're still called VC so this was wrong.
- Standard New 3DS will release in NA, at least a few months after other regions
Got it right!
- Splatoon will be a fairly big success (not Smash or Mario Kart levels, but will sell over a million copies)
It's been a HUGE success, in fact such a big success that I'd almost count this as wrong because I said it wouldn't be as big as Smash or Mario Kart. It's bigger than both in Japan and bigger than Smash in other regions.
- Codename S.T.E.A.M. and Smash will get DLC throughout the year
I have no idea why I thought S.T.E.A.M. would get DLC, but it did have support throughout the year, so that's somewhat close right? Smash has been supported.
- New Pikmin game will be revealed, as a New 3DS exclusive title
Pikmin 4 was confirmed but we have no idea what console it's for. I'm assuming NX at this point.
- Animal Crossing Wii U will be revealed
I mean I guess so right? XD But this was wrong.
- New Metroid game revealed
Not in exactly the way I was thinking, but all I said was some sort of new Metroid game, and I would be right about that.
- Fire Emblem If will see release outside of Japan in Fall of this year
Yeah this was wrong, it's releasing in February.
- Rhythm Heaven 3DS and Fatal Frame V will remain Japan-exclusive
I was right about Rhythm Heaven, I'm honestly still surprised they ended up releasing Fatal Frame here this year. I really wasn't expecting it! Of course, it's a good thing.
- Another third-party joint game will be revealed for Wii U
There were actually a couple, Puzzle and Dragons and Star Fox Zero. Project Guard and Giant Robot too if you count those.
- Punch-Out!! has a new sequel announced on 3DS, be it on the eShop or a slightly lower priced retail game.
I was way off on this one, I still think one could come in the near future, but I guess I was making too bold of a prediction.
- There will be some Zelda-related announcement on 3DS, be it a new game or something else.
Yep, Triforce Heroes, which is exactly the kind of thing I was expecting. Majora's Mask 3D had already been revealed at this point or I would've said there were two.
- Animal Crossing Amiibo set during fall and winter, maybe another Mario Amiibo wave as well
I was exactly right! There was an Animal Crossing Amiibo set for Amiibo Festival and a few more Mario Amiibo were released.
- Project Giant Robot will NOT actually be a part of Star Fox Wii U, but a separate thing
Yep! Got this one right too.
- Codename S.T.E.A.M. receives critical acclaim and is considered a classic
Nope, but that's because the critics were wrong. Razz It's such a great game. But Splatoon was very successful and ended up being a classic, that was one of my predictions I just never ended up putting in this list.

I'm surprised I got so many right, I figured I'd be so wrong. I guess my predictions just weren't that bold.


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Re: Nintendo Predictions 2015

Post by Gameguy1996 on Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:53 pm

Elf Guy wrote:- Animal Crossing Wii U revealed, coming Summer of 2016
- Paper Mario Wii U revealed, holiday release
- Star Fox does not sell that while
- Metroid 3DS revealed
- Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 games revealed , November release
- Luigi, Toad, Peach and Rosalina are also playable in Mario Maker
- SNES Remix revealed
- amiibo keeps making Nintendo quite a bit of money
- NOA does not bring over the regular New 3DS
-  More Smash DLC revealed
- Fire Emblem If is dated for early 2016
Animal Crossing is not coming at this point, Paper Mario Wii U did not happen, No SNES Remix and Nintendo did bring over the New 3DS in a way. So I was only right about Fire Emblem Fates, Smash DLC, amiibo and I guess Mario & Sonic in a way.

Eff Guy wrote:That was just my out there prediction that likely won't happen.

I will also add a few.

- Pokenn is ported to Wii U under the title Pokenn Fighters
- Pokemon Z, October for the regular 3DS
- Some kind of Mario game only for the New 3DS
- Wii U Sports Resort trail

It was ported under a different name, There have been hints towards Z, I guess not and Wii U Sports Resort never happened.


Thanks Zero Smile


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Re: Nintendo Predictions 2015

Post by queenzelda on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:58 am

Frost Queen wrote:Zelda U has a gameplay trailer shown at E3 & tech demo available for download but is moved to release in 2016.
Metroid U is revealed; releases November of 2016.
I also think Animal Crossing Wii U will be revealed & released in Luma Party's time frame.
Pokepark U is revealed & will release in 2016.
Paper Mario U is revealed & will release late 2015 if not early 2016.
Xenoblade Chronicles X also has a gameplay trailer shown at E3 & tech demo available for download but is moved to release in 2016.
I was so wrong on two points, yet so right about the game being moved to release in 2016.
HA, I could wish & dream cause it turned out to be a 3DS hack kneed title that was announced instead.
Oh, if only the Pokepark game was revealed I'd be so happy.
Nope, but a 3DS version was shown. No Wii U Paper Mario as of yet.
I was right, wrong, & wrong about XBX glad it released last year & wasn't pushed back. :3



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Re: Nintendo Predictions 2015

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