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Blue Dragon: side quest stuff or etc

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Blue Dragon: side quest stuff or etc

Post by queenzelda on Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:12 pm

This is for those of us who have played the game; are playing the game & may be looking to find information about sidequests to play for this title. Atmo I'm currently working on the following sidequest bellow to get my characters up at least a few more lvls. Currently I need 14 more lvls. O-o I'm also on disc 2 & am not that far from getting to disc 3.

(I also added the above explanation for those who want to post a response to this thread in order to help explain what this thread is for. :3)

The side quest I'm still working on atmo: The Epistle Of The King Ghost

I need to return to the cave in the Exile Forest, where there I'll find that the barrier chests are now guarded by a rare Poison Hydrattler.

Here are its stats.

Poison Hydrattler:
Level: 30
HP: 1176
Weak: ---
Resists: Light,Dark
Steal (Common): Ancient Fossil
Steal (Rare): Grand Shadow Crystal

Get the jump on it so you can wipe out the poison Mists with Mow down attacks and Watera spells, and the Hydrattler should then go down with minimal resistance. The red barrier chest behind it holds the mysterious Epistle Of The King Ghost, which seems to be the item they spoke of in the Forest Sheep Camp. Head back to the Forest of the dead, and lift the green barrier wall on the east side of the map to reveal several item-filled acorns and a transformation box. Insert the Epistle of the King Ghost, and the box will spit out the Crown Of the King Ghost. It is one of the special accessories.

Here are its stats; Crown Of The King Ghost:
Use: Doubles the amount of gold received.

Location: Receive in Forest Of The Dead (in exchange for Epistle Of The King Ghost)

Att. +5
Def. +5
Mag.Att. +5
Mag.Def. +5
Agility +5
HP +45
MP +45


After I get the Crown of the King Ghost; I have to put this item into the transforming chest in the Forest of the Dead (Chest behind the red barrier wall) & I'll be able to get the treasure. (According to this: source)



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