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My Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo ideas

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My Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo ideas Empty My Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo ideas

Post by Gameguy1996 on Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:29 pm

amiibo has been used in a number of games. The question is what can it do in a Wii U Animal Crossing?

Write Only

Villager AC/ SSB: Villager could double your pocket space to 32 spots.
Tom Nook: AC: Can give you 25% off on your house rent once per day.
Issabelle: AC/ AC card: The Issabelle amiibo would give you 25% in a public works project once per day.

Read Only

Every Super Smash Bros amiibo and Super Mario amiibo will give you one new item until 5 days have past. After that you just get 500 bells per amiibo scan.

Items ideas

Mario SSB/ SM/ GM: Mario's Hat, Mario's Shoes, Fire Flower, Mario's Overalls and Mario's Mustache

Luigi SSB/ SM: Luigi's Hat, Luigi's Shoes, Ice Flower, Luigi's Overalls and Luigi's Mustache

Peach SSB/ SM: Peach Wig, Peach's shoes, Peach Parasol, Peach's Dress and Peach's Crown

Rosalina SSB/ SM: Rosalina Wig, Rosalina's Crown, Rosalina's Wand, Rosalina's Dress and Luma plush.

Bowser SSB/ SM: Bowser's Shell, Fire Bar, Bullet Bill Bluster, Bowser Wig and Mega Mushroom

Bowser Jr. SSB: Bowser Jr's Shell, Bowser Jr's Bandana, Bowser Jr's Paintbrush, Jr. Clown Car and Mecha-Koopa plush

Dr. Mario SSB: Dr. Mario outfit, Dr. Mario's Shoes, Dr. Mario's Hat, Dr. Mario Pill and Dr. Mario Cape

Toad SM: Toad Hat, Toad's Shirt, Toad's Shoes, Super Mushroom, Pickaxe and Headlamp

Yoshi SSB/ SM: Yoshi Egg, Yoshi Shirt, Yoshi Pants, Yoshi's Shoes and Yoshi plush

Wario SSB/ SM: Biker Outfit, Wario hat, Bike, Wario's Mustache and Wario's Shoes

DK SSB/ SM:  DK Shirt, DK Pants, DK's Tie, DK Hat, DK Barrel and DK shoes

Diddy SSB: Banana, Diddy Shoes, Diddy's, Shirt, Diddy's Hat and Diddy Pants

Mr Game & Watch SSB: Bell. Hammer, Flag, frying pan and Octopus plush

Little Mac SSB: Little Mac Shirt, Little Mac Shirts, Little Mac's Gloves, Mac Hat and Punching Bag

Link: Link's Tunic, Link's Shoes, Master Sword, Link's Hat and Hookshot

Toon Link: Toon Link's Tunic, Toon Link's Shoes, Wind Waker, Toon Link's Hat and Triforce

Zelda: Zelda Dress, Zelda Wig, Zelda's Shoes, Phantom Plush and Light Arrow

Sheik: Sheik's Shirt, Sheik's Pants, Sheik Wig, Sheik's Chain and Ocarina

Ganondorf: Ganondorf Shirt, Ganondorf Pants, Ganondorf Wig, Ganon Plush and Ganondorf's Sword

Wii add the rest later.

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My Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo ideas Ae37ty
Thanks Zero Smile

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My Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo ideas Empty Re: My Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo ideas

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:19 pm

I like your ideas...but I do feel like more could be done with the Amiibo in Animal Crossing. It's actually the game with the most possibilities for Amiibo, and I really can't wait to see what they do with it in the Wii U version.

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