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Subspace Emissary

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Subspace Emissary

Post by Gameguy1996 on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:04 am

What did everyone think about the this mode? At first I really liked the mode when I played it when Brawl came out. Over the years though I kind of liked the mode less though since it made some characters miss the cut and it plays like a bad Kirby game now to me.

 Also here's an interview that just popped up. Coming from an old interview with Sakurai, as translated by Source Gaming...
...In the first project plan, this mode would have been worked on by a separate company, with oversight from us. For the evolution of “Smash” simply increasing the number of stages and characters is not good. I have already reached the limit. From the production and playing perspective, if I don’t spend enough time on a character, that character wouldn’t receive the love [that they need], the project would become bloated and disorganized, and versus would have no room to breath. The previous game, “Melee” barely made it….of course. Naturally, I will do my best, one step at a time.

Therefore, I thought we could arrange the main team would work on the game in conjunction with another team who is working on the action game in a different location.

….Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a promising studio to take on the contract. Well. In the end, everything other than the cutscenes was done almost entirely in-house.

A lot of people lent their hands and helped, so it seems that we are on our way to completion. I keep thinking about players enjoying this game as we are aiming for the release date without any issues.

Full feature here

Source: Link


Thanks Zero Smile


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Re: Subspace Emissary

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:43 am

I was never a fan of Subspace Emissary. It's cool that they decided to make a full length story mode for the game, and the cutscenes were fantastic, but the mode itself honestly kind of bored me. The enemies weren't very interesting, it wasn't really that difficult overall, and I don't know...I just didn't like it very much. I would've thought Sakurai would be good at making an action platformer considering his history with Kirby but this was terrible.

It is interesting that they wanted to get a different company for the mode. I feel like maybe they should've gone through with it!


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