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My Thoughts on SEGA's Mobile Direction

Luma Party
Luma Party

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My Thoughts on SEGA's Mobile Direction

Post by Luma Party on Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:49 pm

So, since Sega has transitioned into a company focused on mobile games, they've released 2 mobile games.
Sonic Runners (developed by Sonic Team), and Heroki (developed by Picomy).
These are the problems I see.
1. Sonic Runners is 100% Internet-based, and cannot be played without Internet.
2. Sonic Runners requires iOS 8.3 or later, which many people have elected not to update to.
3. Heroki is $8.99.

Those are just basic issues.
Why does Sonic's game need to be online?
Sonic Dash is a huge hit on the App Store and Google Play, but Runners hasn't gotten any achievements.
Sonic Runners also lacks playable characters.
Only Sonic is available from the start, Tails and Knuckles are unlockable.
Some Japanese and Canadian players were  available to get Charmy, Espio and Vector from the Premium Roulette back in March, Amy is available by inviting people on Facebook...
They have added Rouge and Omega through the Roulette, but that's not exactly what people want.
And why is Heroki so expensive?
When SEGA released the 2 episodes of Sonic 4, each were $3.49 on the App Store, this game, which doesn't have a popular IP, is $2 more than both episodes of Sonic 4 combined.
In terms of the games themselves, Sonic Runners being an endless runner really gets repetitive and boring after a while, while Heroki, which I haven't played looks interesting, but heavily based on touch controls.

I can't say I know much about the mobile gaming business, but what I can see is that if SEGA continues to be like this, they aren't headed for success.


Winters Thief Zero
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Re: My Thoughts on SEGA's Mobile Direction

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:38 pm

This is the first I'm hearing of Heroki, it quite honestly looks like the best game SEGA has put out in years. It could be worth the price if there's enough content there, just because it's a mobile game doesn't mean it has to be 99 cents like a lot of others.

But yeah, the fact that they're focused almost entirely on mobile now is disappointing. Sonic Runners looks horrible, if most of their mobile games will be low quality like that but still fairly expensive, they won't find success, even despite it being on the platform with most potential. (smart devices are owned by soooo many people)


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