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The Quiz

Luma Party
Luma Party

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The Quiz

Post by Luma Party on Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:58 am

Queen Pikachu wrote:1] Are you obsessed with TNFS?
No, but I do spend a lot of time here.

2] How many hours do you usually spend on TNFS?
Probably 1 or 2 a day depending on what month it is.

3] Who are your besties on TNFS?
Everyone's my friend really, but probably Zero, Gameguy and SirYoshi.

4] Do you wish you were more popular on TNFS?
I think I'm fine where I am.

5] Do you have rl friends & family on TNFS?

6] Do you wish you hadn't meet some one on TNFS, if so who?
No, everyone's fine here.

7] How many friends do you have on your friends list?

8] Do you have a blog? If not to you plan to get one?

9] If you don't plan to get a blog why not?

10] Are you in a relationship with some one who's a member of TNFS?

11] How many friends on your TNFS friends list do you actually communicate with on a daily basis?
Zero, that's probably it.

12] Do you listen to music while your on TNFS?

13] Are you active on TNFS foum sections?

14] Which forum section is your favorite on TNFS?
Nintendo Exclusives

15] Are you obsessed with TNFS? =o
Question 1

16] Why did you join TNFS to begin with?
Zero was a member in another forum I'm on, and he was the first to welcome me, I wanted to see what happened to him since he left that place, so I found him here.

17] Do you wish you could meet one of the staff members of TNFS? If so who would that be??
It would be cool to meet all of them

18] What does TNFS mean to you?
It's like my fifth home, and that's sincere because my parents own 4 homes, but it really feels like a home to me.

19] Have you ever thought about what it must be like to be one of the staff on TNFS?
Yeah, I am one of the staff Rolling Eyes

20] Do you wish you were more active on TNFS? If so why? If not why not?
No, then I'd be addicted. XD


Winters Thief Zero
Winters Thief Zero

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Re: The Quiz

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:35 am

Aww, the fifth home thing was cute. :3 We're all like a big family here. It would be cool to meet all the staff members? Well you better come on the Disneyland trip in a few years then!


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