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Top 5 Longest Songs


Top 5 Longest Songs

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:05 pm

I decided to go through all my music to see which are my longest because I was curious and these are the results.

Here's mine:

Infected Mushroom - After 1000 Years - 11:13

Li Kwan - Point Zero(Leama & Moor 2004 Remake) - 10:13

Hatsune Miku - Stratosphere - 10:03

David Guetta - The World is Mine(Kenneth Thomas Another World Remix) - 9:59

Labworks - Ibiza Sunrise(Pink Flood vs. Shane 54 Mix) - 9:50


Hiver & Hammer ft. Javah - 5 Million Miles(Vocalized Club Mix) - 9:29

Rush - Natural Science - 9:16

These two other songs are the only other ones that go past the 9 minutes mark. I'm certain anyway. lol
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Re: Top 5 Longest Songs

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:35 pm

Wow those are really long. Most of the music I listen to doesn't tend to be more than 5 minutes maximum, and I don't really have a list of music to go by since I generally just find songs online when I want to listen to them.

So I'll just post the 10 longest rock songs that an article listed:

Pirates - Emerson Lake and Palmer (13:20)

157 Riverside Avenue - REO Speedwago (12:27)

Loan Me a Dime - Boz Scaggs (12:31)

The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet - The Mothers of Invention (12:22)

Kuiama - Electric Light Orchestra (11:19)

Gypsy Woman - Tim Buckley (12:19)

Lady of the Lake - Star Castle (10:28)

Sister Ray - Velvet Underground (17:27)

Yours is no Disgrace - Yes (9:36)

The Ikon - Todd Rundgren's Utopia (30:22) O_o

The only one of those I'd listened to was Sister Ray, there are some insanely long songs in that list though.


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Re: Top 5 Longest Songs

Post by Nessness on Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:21 pm

There's actually a song in Korea named Samtaegi Medley. (Samtaegi is a group which sung the medley)

Shockingly, it runs for twenty two minutes. Even karaoke machines over here had to separate it into two or three parts.

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Re: Top 5 Longest Songs

Post by Nozomi on Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:14 am

This is from my most current updated music list, so it only includes the songs that I've played once on my new Galaxy S4. Might not be totally accurate (since I think Rush, Stratovarius, Metallica, and Breakdown of Sanity would dominate the list for the next 20 spots lol)

2112 - Rush 20:14
Fountain of Lamneth - Rush 19:57
The End - The Doors 11:47
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin 8:31
One - Metallica 7:45

Also, the list Zero posted is highly inaccurate. There are TONS of rock songs that go past 15 minutes, they only listed like the mainstream charts. Hell, all the songs I listed are rock.

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Re: Top 5 Longest Songs

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