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Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log


Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 20, 2015 1:45 pm

All this is going to be is me listing all my units and posting what chapter a unit falls in battle. Injured means they did but they don't die within the game. You just aren't able to use them anymore.

I'm doing Eliwood Normal Mode, so I'm not going to be doing my absolute best because it's rather easy(for me).

I'm not going to be restarting chapters either, so if a unit becomes unusable they're gone for good.

Active Units

Guy(Chapter 13x)
Kent(Chapter 15)
Sain(Chapter 16x)
Rebecca(Chapter 16x)
Dorcas(Chapter 16x)
Priscilla(Chapter 18)
Wil(Chapter 18)
Dart(Chapter 18)
Raven(Chapter 19)
Canas(Chapter 19)
Lucius(Chapter 22)
Isadora(Chapter 23)
Legault(Chapter 26x)
Fiora(Chapter 27)

Bartre(Chapter 13)
Marcus(Chapter 14)
Oswin(Chapter 16x)
Rath(Chapter 25)

Didn't Recruit
Geitz/Wallace(you can only recruit one of the two on either Route A or Route B )
Harken(similar to the above you can only recruit either Harken or Karel in a specific chapter given a certain requirement such as defeating a certain number of promoted enemy units or unlocking a certain amount of doors)
Farina(can only recruit in Hector Mode)
Karla(can only recruit in Hector Mode)

It's as simple as that. I'll probably post regarding updates on what has happened to them.

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Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Thu Aug 20, 2015 3:23 pm

I assume you're doing no resets then? I usually don't reset but I know a lot of people do.


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Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:16 am

I did mention I wasn't going to restart any chapters. Unless of course any of the main three lords meet an unfortunate demise, then I'm kinda forced to... Which sucks honestly.

Anyway, Kent met an untimely end in Chapter 15 when he got horded by enemies and couldn't survive the onslaught. Sain almost met this same fate but he was lucky to dodge that last attack from the enemy.

R.I.P. Kent

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:35 am

Rebecca, Dorcas, and Sain were all killed at the infamous battle at the Port of Badon. We were told not to go head on or else we'd encounter trouble but we ignored that. ...Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Oswin barely escaped with his life. On the bright side though we were able to recruit a user in the dark arts. His name is Canas. Hopefully he'll aide us in the journey to come.

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:24 am

More casualties. How sad.

Priscilla being the squishy unit she is didn't make it. She became a sacrifice because I wanted to heal Fiora and recruit her with Florina. Wil also perished by the hands of Uhai.

And Dart...ugh. Dart. Probably the worst unit IMO has -not surprisingly- lost his life the day he joined us. You should'a just stayed with good ol' man Fargus and his crew.

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:36 am

I am sad to report that more people have lost their lives.

It was a tough battle after all. We were going into the stronghold of the Black Fang at Dragon's Gate. Both Raven and Canas fought together as much they could until the end.

You don't come across many dark scholars, so seeing Canas go really brought our strength down. But we will still persevere. We WON'T lose!

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:39 pm

Lucius, our light user, has perished unto the heavens by the hands of a bandit named Jasmine. Fortunately, we were able to defeat him along with his brother, Paul.

May you rest in peace, Lucius.

At least we still have Serra. If we lose her things will start to become really ugly. Erk was able to learn the basics of healing, so we have a backup healer at least.

But still...

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:52 am

Two units who I really could care less for have been sought the desire of paths doorstep to the heavens. Or rather one of them. Rath was able to escape.

Those being Rath; as mentioned above, and Isadora. Isadora thinking she'd be cool with her Silver Sword high speed doubling against Linus actually cost her her life with his Silver Blade attack of 27 and 60/50 something hit percentage with her hp of 25 ended troublesome.

As for Rath, who at this point I feel is underleveled if you didn't exp. boost him in Lyn's story is rather a chump. By this time, most of my units have at least been promoted(save for thieves, lords, and Heath. ...and Nino who we meet later on but is actually better than Erk if u decide to put the time in to give her levels) and are vastly better than him. Anyway, he got screwed with Bolting and Purge. At least he took the hits for the team for them to waste all that on.

It still stands that Dart is the worst IMO in FE7. I don't really like axe-users or bow-users in general when it comes to Fire Emblem... So, meh. Certainly no Fiona or Meg in Radiant Dawn, though. Ugh.

In lieu of this we've earned the trustwothy Pent who joins as a promoted unit but can devastate enemies. He's basically your choice if you don't want to train up Erk(who pales in stats whenever i try) or Nino, who I mentioned earlier. Erk is good for longevity because Pent comes much later on. Normally, I try to use both when possible but I prefer Pent.

Oh boy... We've still got some ways to go. Let's hope and pray things run smoothly from herein.

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:14 pm

We thought to get some treasure while we were about on the battlefield but something we did not foresee was Legault's life taken away from us. He got RNG screwed by Sonia's Bolting of only 41 hit rate and finished off by a Wyvern Lord's lance with a 57 hit rate... Not a good day for him...

The sisters; Fiora and Florina were almost killed in battle, as well as Erk. Thankfully they were able to survive.

As we trek on the battles only seem to grow more intense...

Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:04 pm

We ran into a bit of trouble with Vaida showing up again. Our lord, Eliwood, was in danger. Lowen rescued him and BARELY managed to escape the wrath of the Wyvren Knights.

Unfortunately, in the exchange of giving Eliwood to Fiora, so that Pent could use the staff Rescue...Vaida managed to double hit Fiora and send her away into the other world. I'm sure Florina will be saddened by this news...

Even without the Uber Spear, Vaida is a devastating force. I wasn't able to recruit her because Eliwood just wasn't in a safe spot and couldn't approach her without possibly dying. So, Pent ended the life of that vicious lady behind us. I hope to NEVER see her again.
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Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

Post by Gameguy1996 on Fri Sep 04, 2015 2:05 am

It sounds like Pent is saving the day and it's sad that so many units have been lost do to luck.


Thanks Zero Smile


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Re: Fire Emblem 7 Character Active/Dead/Injured Log

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