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[RUMOR] Retro Studios Working on New IP for Nintendo

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[RUMOR] Retro Studios Working on New IP for Nintendo

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Wed Oct 28, 2015 3:12 pm

Coming from Tamaki (who is a somewhat reliable source, although obviously can't be taken as confirmation):

- Retro Studios typically gets three chances to pitch a project to Nintendo
- if the concept isn't greenlit after the third attempt, they'll be assigned a project that NCL deems more likely to sell well

"I don't actually know what the project is, exactly, but I know that it is something that Retro themselves pitched. … They came off of Tropical Freeze in very late 2013, I think it was, and they continued throughout 2014 pitching new projects. … And then they eventually pitched a project that went through, and NCL greenlit, and I assume that's what they're doing now—by all accounts, it is.

I don't think Retro wants to do [Metroid Prime 4]. … I'd be surprised if Retro themselves pitched [that]. I think they've had their fill of Metroid. … And if it is Metroid, then it will be something different—like maybe a 2D one, or something—different from Prime.

I think they have the potential to work on multiple projects, but I feel like the money isn't there. People don't realize it, but Retro is one of the priciest studios for [Nintendo] to maintain, and I can't see them letting them do two projects at once. As far as I know, they have one NCL producer with them right now, and I couldn't see this person overseeing both of them; I think this person would be doing one.

… And you were saying, 'could it be an original property?' I think, actually, the time is now for Retro to do an original property. They've done two established Nintendo franchises, they've done Metroid and Donkey Kong, and I think now is the time to let them take hold of the reins a bit more for themselves and do that. And I think if it is something that they pitched themselves, then that does make it more likely that they pitched something original."

This would be really great if true! I mean really I'm fine with anything as long as it isn't more Donkey Kong. :p I'd love to see a Metroid Prime 4 from Retro but a new IP is generally better, there's more they can do with it too. I wonder if it'll be something similar to Raven Blade. (their cancelled original IP they were working on before Metroid Prime)


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Re: [RUMOR] Retro Studios Working on New IP for Nintendo

Post by Luma Party on Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:07 pm

Hopefully it's something interesting, and something that will sell.


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