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Bowser498's Super Mario Party! -IN PROGRESS OF MAKING-


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Bowser498's Super Mario Party! -IN PROGRESS OF MAKING-

Post by Bowser498 on Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:08 pm

Hi! This is Bowser498, and I am currently making a Mario Party game called Bowser498's Super Mario Party! I am making this for all the forums I'm on, but I decided to share it here, and you can watch my progress. So basically, it's Mario Party online.
If you guys have any questions/suggestions, please post them! (Perhaps expanding it to Nintendo characters as well?)
Also, I probably won't have this done until the holidays at the earliest, so please be patient!

Anyways, this is all I have done. Enjoy for now!

Character Roster:

Winter Wonderland

Free For All:

1. 15 To Win
Rules: Players will take turns picking cards. Depending on the card, an effect will occur. First to 15 points wins!
Win: 15 Coins
Lose: 0 Coins
2. Retro Maniac
Rules: I will give you guys a retro game to play, and you must beat my score! Winners get coins. Please take a picture of your screen using a camera tool and send it to me. Cropped images are not allowed!
Win: 10 Coins
Lose: -10 Coins
3. Digging for Gold
Rules: For two rounds, post a number 1-10 saying how many feet in the ground you wanna go down by. Hit a bomb, and you lose all coins for that round! You never know where that bomb is... And who knows, you may find some bonuses!
Win/Lose: Varies
4. Boo Escape
Rules: You are trapped in a mansion and are trying to escape from Boo! However, you are only 3 feet away from him! You can either attack, or keep running. You don't know how much health he has, however. Defeat him, and you win! Get hit by him, and you lose!
Win: 10 Coins
Survive, but Lose: 0 Coins
Lose: -10 Coins
5. Pokémon Showdown
Rules: Play best out of three matches (OU) against me in Pokémon. (Don't worry, I'm not hard to beat!) Winners get coins, and losers lose coins. Here is the link to play:
Win: 10 Coins
Lose: -10 Coins
6. Hammer Smack
Rules: You are in an arena with the others. Your goal is to hit the other players each turn and hope you are the last one standing! You get 3 HP and up to 5 moves per turn. (Once you attack, you must stop in that adjacent square) Last one standing wins!
Here's the arena FYI:

1st: 15 Coins
2nd: 10 Coins
3rd: 5 Coins
4th: 0 Coins

7. Wacky Objects

Rules: You will get 5 Nintendo-related images that have been messed up in some way. It is your job to correctly guess what those images resemble! The person who gets the most correct wins!

1st: 15 Coins

2nd: 10 Coins

3rd: 5 Coins

4th: 0 Coins

1 VS 2/3:
2 VS 2:
1. Wingoball
Rules: Play a round of Wingoball! Try to get the highest score possible! The team with the highest score wins! Remember, please do not crop images! Here is the link to play:
Winning Team: 10 Coins each
1. Cardiators
Rules: Play a round of Cardiators, like from MP8! Your goal is to decrease the other person's health as much as possible until that person reaches 0 HP. You start out with 20 HP. The person who survives longer wins! (You start with 20 HP)
Win: Spin the Lucky Wheel!
Boss Battle:
This is a mystery until my games take place!



Dice Blocks:
Normal: Can roll any number 1-10.
1-5 Dice Block: Can roll any number 1-5.
6-10 Dice Block: Can roll any number 6-10.
0-1 Dice Block: Can roll any number 0-1.
Gold Dice Block: Adds 10 to your roll.
Silver Dice Block: Adds 5 to your roll.
Bronze Dice Block: Adds 3 to your roll.
Coin Dice Block: The number tells the number of spaces and the number of coins you get.
Slow Dice Block: Can choose to roll any number 1-10.

-Winter Wonderland is my first board! May use it for games soon!
-Mushroom capsules complete!
-Coin capsules complete!
-Some minigames updated!
-Most spaces complete!
-Most dice blocks complete!
(If you're reading this, I may just add Nintendo characters...)


I'm still working on it lol Razz

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