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Info on Fire Emblem 64

Winters Thief Zero
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Info on Fire Emblem 64

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:52 pm

Here's some new info on the cancelled N64DD title, Fire Emblem 64:

- the foundations of Fire Emblem 64 were used to develop the next title, Fire Emblem: Binding Blade for GBA
- Fire Emblem 64 was titled “Maiden of Darkness”, which was also the working title of Binding Blade
- while in the middle of production for the N64, due to various structural changes, game planning basically had to start over
- the hero Roy remained the same, but everything else was changed including story and (almost) all other characters
- the target audience for the game became older and they had to recreate their protagonist to appeal to both kids and adults
- Karel was the only character from Maiden of Darkness to get carried over into Blinding Blade
- a character named Idoun also existed in both games, but only the name is consistent
- the appearance, personality, and role for Idoun in both games was changed
- there was also a male called Taki, as well as four females (Lynette, Helen and others)
- a bit of dialog between Raigh, Ephraim, Eliwood (Ephraim’s father), Aron, Bors and Owain exists
- Eliwood, Raigh and Bors are names of characters from Binding Blade
- Ephraim shares his name with one of the Lords of The Sacred Stones
- Owain was later used as Eudes’s English name in Awakening
- one of the earliest concept artworks for Roy had his name labelled “Ike”
- Ike himself was originally known as “Paris”, a name later used for his descendant in Awakening

Cool! I'd always wanted to know more about the game, it's nice to get some information.


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