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Home Alone Series


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Home Alone Series Empty Home Alone Series

Post by Bowser498 on Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:37 pm

Ahhhh, one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. Home Alone is basically where a kid (depending on the movie) is...home alone, while bad guys try to mess with them. These movies are always hilarious to watch on Christmas.

My favorites, in order, are: 2 > 1 > 3 > 4

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Home Alone Series Empty Re: Home Alone Series

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:01 pm

It's hard to believe they've been around for so long! But yeah they're pretty decent, not the best, but they're kind of funny. I liked the first 2, then it just started getting excessive. (although I'm not sure I ever watched 4 or even knew of it's existence...)

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Home Alone Series Empty Re: Home Alone Series

Post by Yoshiman222 on Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:59 am

3/4 completely suck because of how unrelated they are.
1 is my favourite for being the original - actually being "Home Alone", though I won't deny that 2 was also good in it's own respect.

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Home Alone Series Empty Re: Home Alone Series

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