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Star Ocean: Faithlessness & Integrity [PS4]

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Star Ocean: Faithlessness & Integrity [PS4]

Post by queenzelda on Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:54 pm

*This is my thoughts on the game & not a full on review. ~queen

Just look at this game. It's everything I want from a Star Ocean game (personally). I like all of the characters, I really enjoy being on their world, & I even enjoy a lot of the plot.. But the only problem I have with it is the gnawing feeling I had that it was going to completely turn into something else. I started to see the signs as I listened in on Captain Emmerson's conversations with his commander Annie , though I'm sure they didn't think I suspected that some foolishness was at hand. I figured these two weren't from my world, & I was right to suspect that.. It became even MORE apparent when they had to blatantly tell the main character & then -spoiler alert- teleport every one in party to their star ship the N.C.C Enterprise (aka: Charles D. Goale). Yea, I know it's NOT called that but later in the game when Emmerson pulls a Captain Kirk (that I completely called), they might as well have called it that. =_=

Personally I loved the battling, & I really enjoy exploring the world that I found the main characters on & I even liked a lot of the characters I ended up having in my party. The only thing keeping me from playing this game any further PERSONALLY, is because of what Emmerson did. If he wasn't a JRPG representation of Captain Kirk (to my mind) then yea sure I could finish probably pretty easily.. But since then he's just turned into Kirk & his commander Annie is just a female version of Spock.. OTL  

The Star Ocean series has never copied other characters from other scfi series from what I can tell & when it happened here.. It just.. Became pretty disappointing in the end really. No, I haven't beaten the game, but my guess is that you'll come to find out that when you take away the little girl's powers who your protecting that she gets sick really fast & that you have to give her those powers back or she may die! (Oh noes.) So you'll have to end up having some lame battle against the bad guys who are after her.

Something else, the bad guys after the little girl remind me a lot of the Romulan's too.. Which is kind'a.. Sorta... Lame.. =_= Star Ocean is NOT Star Trek, if I wanted a fan Star Trek game I'm sure I could find it some where on Steam.. Eye twitch <.<;



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