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Return to PopoloCrois [Review] spoilers Empty Return to PopoloCrois [Review] spoilers

Post by queenzelda on Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:51 pm

I just beat Return to PopoloCrois for the 3DS & (!)spoiler alert(!) this is what I thought about the boss when you finally get to the point of being able to see it face to face. As well as a general review of the game at the end along with a my personal score for it. :3

Ending ahead be warned:

Return to PopoloCrois [Review] spoilers PC-E1
Ok, just who the heck does this monster think he is? Lavos? HA! He could wish & dream!!! Lavos was just a mindless boss brought in by a separate character in Chrono Trigger, but at least it wasn't pretending to be more then it is.. Like this end boss seems to be doing. <.<;

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Ok, first it's Lavos & NOW It's something I've seen ALREADY in Tales of Radiant Mythology & Tales of Symphonia? Wft ARE YOU Gryphot? Would you kindly make up your small mind? omg!

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Stop it. Ok, just stop it, already your trying to be one too many things here. Just freaking pick one & stick to it! You can't be everything but choose to stick with the first or last thing you say you are. UGH.

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"What the flying h3ll is the plot to FERN GULLY EVEN DOING HERE?! The flying flipping heck mun!"

Return to PopoloCrois [Review] spoilers PC-E5
SEE? SEE RIGHT HERE IS what I was talking about earlier. You have to stick with ONE THING you CAN'T BE ALL THE THINGS AT once & expect me to buy it. OMG. This is so redonkulous it's not even funny.

-My final thoughts.-

Look this game is good. D*mn good even. BUT.. BUT the speech leading up to the battle against the main villain; is kind of what ruins the game for me a tad. More so because Gryphot can't even make up it's mind what kind of villain it wants to be. It wants to be all the things but goes back to claiming the first thing it said at the end of it's speech. Is it Lavos devouring everything? Is it the very same tree plot from Tales of Symphonia? Is it the same darkness from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team that the Zeekeeper has to help them to defeat? Then it goes on to claim that it's the plot of Fern Gully.. But then.. It goes back to claiming that it's Lavos all over again! Facehoof

I mean the story is great, the characters are great, & even the gameplay is fantastic. But.. Gryphot is kind of what ruins it. I mean it's interesting to some extent of what it wants to be, cause it wants to be all the things. But in the end.. I've uh seen all of that already, just from 4 different sources. If Gryphot had become something more interesting like say a part of Dew (who's a character in game) that was born from the loneliness in his heart & we had to win Dew to our side (in game) then I would have probably liked it much better. But then it would have probably been a bit like Earthbound with that ending too; but still at least it would have been just one thing & not all the things. So in the end it gets a 6/10 from me.

I did love this game, but it could have been so much better. The farming is interesting but boring (impo) & you can make friends with the girls of the area's where the farms are located but I got nothing out of that really. Still if your looking for a good JRPG with a good story then yea, pick this up I'm sure you'll enjoy. :3

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