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TNFS Banner History

Zero Revolution

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TNFS Banner History

Post by Zero Revolution on Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:26 pm

So I was organizing the folder on my computer that has all of the images and files I've used for TNFS saved, because a solid half of the folder was taken up just by different banners I've made and used at the top, so I wanted to separate them. But I thought it would be pretty cool if I actually made a post showing off all of the banners TNFS has had since probably around sometime in 2013/2014. This thread is incomplete, I do not have every single banner we've ever used saved as there are a few I didn't make and may not have. (@queenzelda actually may still have a couple that we're missing because she's made a good chunk of banners too, although I do have some of hers) There are also some I simply have no access to anymore which sucks but nothing I can do about it, they were really bad anyway so it's fine. XD If you have any we're missing please let me know, I think it would be really cool to be able to show off all of our banners in one thread because we've had so many different ones over the past 5 years.

All of the following banners were made by myself unless otherwise credited underneath/next to the photo:

Credit to @queenzelda

Credit to @queenzelda

Credit to @queenzelda

Credit to @queenzelda

[Missing Fire Emblem Echoes Banner made by @queenzelda]


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