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Konami open to during more remaster for their games

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Konami open to during more remaster for their games

Post by Gameguy1996 on Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:48 pm

Looks like Konami might have some remasters on the way.

Konami wrote:“Eventually if you’re loud enough and you speak with one voice, anything is possible.”​


I know some rumors about a Castlevania remaster where tossed around before E3 and with Snake being back in Smash now it seems like a good time to remake Twin Snakes.


Thanks Zero Smile


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Re: Konami open to during more remaster for their games

Post by queenzelda on Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:24 pm

They better leave Suikoden alone. I don't care about the Castlevania series since I can get that most anywhere, but if they touch the Suikoden franchise they're only going to f*ck it up (impo).



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