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Who I think the remaining Smash Bros Ultimate newcomers are

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Who I think the remaining Smash Bros Ultimate newcomers are

Post by Gameguy1996 on Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:29 pm

While Sakurai said not to expect many new characters at E3 we have seen a total of 8 newcomers in all and in the latest Direct he said there a few more left. So here are 7 characters I can see making it onto the roster for an even 80.

Unique Fighters
Elma: While Sakurai seems to be adding long time favorites I think he will still add a few characters from games that came out in recent years. Elma can be a very unique character with her duel guns and duel swords and the Mech toy Sakurai bought makes me think it was for her.

Bandana Waddle Dee: While he may look a little generic Bandana Dee can bring something new to the table with the spear and I think he will be added as the Japanese fan choice now that Ashley is out of the running. He can also use the parasol and maybe even toss his bandana at foes.

Incineroar: While I would rather see Decidueye or Lycanroc the guy who leaked Simon months ago said the Gen 7 Pokemon character is not them. Incineroar can bring the wrestling style to Smash and use many unique moves such as Darkest Lariat, Cross Chop and Bulk Up with his Final Smash bring his Z move.

Skull Kid: Like Little Mac last game I think some unique unique character will be promoted and while I would have loved it to have been Ashley it just wasn't her time yet. Skull Kid can use his magic, the ocarina and his fairy siblings Tatl, and Tael.

Echo Fighters
Isabelle: Due to Kapp'n being the new Animal Crossing assist trophy things are looking up for Isabelle. Just change her Final Smash to dropping the Town Hall on someone.
Dixie Kong: As Chrom shows echoes don't have to use moves from just one fighter. Her up be can be her ponytail that works more like DK's up B and the peanut gun can be changed to bubblegum.
Shadow: Shadow has also not be seen as an assist and they could just change his effects to be more darker and his Final Smash can be Chaos Control.


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