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2019 Nintendo Predictions

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2019 Nintendo Predictions  Empty 2019 Nintendo Predictions

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:58 pm

As per usual, I always think it's fun to predict what's gonna happen with Nintendo in the next year and come back afterward to see just how wrong we were because Nintendo is next to impossible to predict most of the time. So without further ado, here are my 2019 predictions:

- There WILL be a major January Nintendo Direct this year
- Yoshi's Crafted World will release in March to moderate success, but will be largely forgotten by the end of the year
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release in May to huge critical acclaim
- Animal Crossing Switch will release in June and will graphically look very similar to its initial teaser reveal trailer. It will feature heavy online multiplayer focus, allow you to play as mayor once again but with much more control, and will have a bigger world than any previous game in the series
- PIKMIN 4 FINALLY GETS REVEALED (This is both somewhat an expectation but mostly I just need this game already Nintendo Crying or Very sad ) But unfortunately it gets confirmed as a 2020 release
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is officially revealed and releases early in the year, most likely April
- Persona 5 gets ported to Switch
- Super Mario Maker 2 is revealed at E3 and releases with a quick turnaround in August
- Bayonetta 3 gets a full game reveal and blowout at E3 but won't release in 2019
- Daemon X Machina releases in September in the west, months after an earlier Japanese release
- Luigi's Mansion 3 releases in October and takes place in an abandoned hotel
- Pokemon's new core titles release in November, and a special edition Switch is released with a bundle
- 3DS won't get any more first party titles revealed, and is slowly phased out after summer
- A new major third party exclusive is revealed for Switch that is completely and totally unexpected
- Nintendo Labo gets two new kits released throughout the year
- Mario Kart Tour releases in March, and a Zelda mobile game releases later in the year
- Nintendo Switch Online doesn't get any improvements at all
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses will get a big DLC expansion, announced late in the year
- Something Splatoon related will appear and be released, whether it's something as small as new Amiibo or merchandise, or a new spin-off game, there will 100% be something

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2019 Nintendo Predictions  Empty Re: 2019 Nintendo Predictions

Post by Gameguy1996 on Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:38 am

Time to give this a shot again.
- A Nintendo Direct airs in January
- A Nintendo Direct airs in March
- Nintendo's E3 video is another spotlight 
- A Nintendo Direct airs in November
- Yoshi's Crafted World releases in March and will be keep selling through the rest of the year
- Fire Emblem Three Houses sees a worldwide release in May
- Fire Emblem Three Houses has lots of DLC
- Animal Crossing Switch releases in July with heavy online features
- The island plays a bigger role in Animal Crossing Switch 
- Daemon X Machina releases in September 
- Luigi's Masnion 3 is set in a hotel
- You are able to play as Mario, Toad and Peach in online multiplayer in Luigi's Mansion 3
- Luigi's Mansion 3 releases in October 
- The Pokemon games are Gen 8 and are set for a November release
- Metroid Prime 4 gets a new trailer at E3, but does not release until 2020 
- Bayonetta 3 does not release in 2019 
- Mario Maker 2.0 is announced and released in September 
- Nothing on Pikmin 4 
- The Wonderful 101 is ported to the Switch and is given an August release day
- Some kind of new IP is released in August
- Retro's game is Star Fox Grand Prix. A trailer is show at E3 ,but it will not be released until Spring of 2020
- Skyward Sword HD is real and releases in April 
- Surprise Nintendo Switch exclusive from Platinum Games
- Surprise Nintendo Switch exclusive from Atlus
- Persona 5 is ported to the Switch 
- Senran Kagura Burst Renewal is ported to the Switch 
- The Switch version of Dragon Quest 11 is released in Summer for Japan.
- More Japanese devs create games for the Switch 
- A new version of the Switch is released toward the end of the year
Smash Bros Ultimate DLC
- Piranha Plant is released in February
-Joker is released in April 
- The Persona stage is Mementos
- Persona gets 10 music tracks 
- The Phantom Thieves are added as spirits and Mii Fighter outfits
- Spirts are added for every big Nintendo release 
- Tons of Mii Fighter outfits are made to sell as DLC
- Erdrick joins the battle! He is released in June and is the big E3 character announcement
- An Unexpected joins the battle in September
- Edelgard joins the battle in November 
- The last Smash Bros DLC character is a big named 3rd party character. They are released in - - February of 2020.
- New amiibo for Luigi's Mansion, Yoshi's Crafted World and Fire Emblem Three Houses
- Kirby Extra Epic Yarn is released in March
- At least one more 3DS game from Nintendo is released 
- Nintendo Labo sports kit is released 
- Nintendo Labo gun kit is released 
- Mario Kart Tour releases in March and gets updates every 2 weeks 
- Zelda mobile is released this Fall
- Lots of updates for Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 
-Fire Emblem Heroes finally added a mode where you can go up against friends

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