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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

King Atem

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Re: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Post by King Atem on Fri May 20, 2016 6:10 pm

In a recent interview about why Kaiba Corp industries left from the Duel Monsters franchise Seto Kaiba, the president's head CEO had this to say about the departure; 

Seto Kaiba: "I got sick of dueling & decided to use my state of the art holographic technology to instead host singing & dancing events where singers transform into beautiful soldiers of fortune, Duel Monsters is so 2000. I'm looking for what's new & what's now. Something that will bring Kaiba Corp to the masses & this my friends is that future." Razz


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Re: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:48 am

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE reviews are out, and they're actually very positive!

Personally I think the game looks good anyway so it wouldn't have mattered either way for me, but it's awesome to see the critics have enjoyed it as well.


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Re: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Post by Gameguy1996 on Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:42 pm

Most sites don't even have reviews out yet since most of the big names got the game days before E3. With that said i'm glad the reviews are good even though I doubt the game will sell while at all.


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Re: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Post by TheFrozenFairy on Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:22 am

Great to hear the game is getting some positive reviews. I've had some interest in the game since we've had quite some information. I wonder how fans of the series crossed over think of this. I think sales will be decent, it has Fire Emblem in it.

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Re: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

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