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Will also be less active

Dark Jester
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Will also be less active

Post by Dark Jester on Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:21 pm

The site has stopped delivering what it did when I first joined here... and that's activity. I find myself just having plenty of 1 on 1's with Zero with the odd something from GG or Cubone.

My plan was to wait until this phase sizzled out and the site's own staff members were active again and I would then invite some of the people I knew who were interested in the site (E.G: Poppy) ...but no one will be too interested in a site when it's like this.

It also seems... just not too many people seem to actually care... people have other things to do; I understand and respect that, but the site has seems to obviously hit the lowest it's ever done in it's run when it comes to activity.

As much as I love this site and wanted it to succeed, it's exactly how Gengar explained it, having just a back and fourth between Me and Zero just isn't appealing after time, we could do that on Skype or Twitter if we wanted to!

So on that note, I'll be about as active as other staff members now. I'll still do the podcast as that's pretty fun... maybe some SM:RPG posts... but I can't be doing the Daily Polls, Pokemon Videos and general posts on threads that don't get beyond me and Zero. Razz



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