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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I.

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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Empty Re: ¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I.

Post by queenzelda on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:25 pm

OFF: Yea I guess so. Though I kinda wanted a hand at ending it. Ah well; I'll just go ahead & post how I wanted to end the rp bellow anyhow:

ON: Queen

Queen was scared; more scared then she even knew.. "Everyone has been taken away by the Shadow Queen. and I.. I can't seem to remember how to use my powers!" Looking up she saw that even Link had been captured & all of the kingdom was now slowly being covered in darkness by the Shadow Queen's hands. The Shadow Queen was in joy.. But Queen herself was not. Mario, and all of her dear friends she had gotten to know over a very short amount of time were now in the dark Shadow Queen's clutches.. "Oh but if only Geno had awoken me before this happened!" Queen wept as a dark hand of the Shadow Queen crept over & snatched her up!

"This.. This is my punishment for not being strong enough on my own I suppose." As a tiny star floated down to say to her; "Don't give up Princess." Looking up she noticed that the star was a tiny Luma the size of her hand as the Luma's light had made the Shadow Queen's dark hand let her go. Standing so close to the Luma; Queen herself glowed all the more radiant.

"Princess?" She replied flabbergasted; "I thought I was a Sage..." :/ "This is all so confusing." -_- Queen told the Luma with a deep sigh. The Luma just hugged her to say; "You are both! You trained all of your life to become a Sage but your also Princess of the Baby Luma's! I being the first baby Luma you created; Luma Party!" He smiled happily. Queen only giggled to hug Luma Party and say; "Oh that's right! Your the first baby Luma I created to help create other baby Luma's that's why I named you that because a bunch of Luma's together.." She started as Luma Party chimed in; "They all come together and have a big party!" Giggling together Queen smiled to finally remember everything.

"But Luma.. I'm too late I forgot who I was and arrived to late.. This world is now being consumed by the Shadow Queen's darkness.  There is... No hope left." Queen sighed.

Luma Party floats over to her as she drags Queen over to where the others were being held by the Shadow Queen's hands. "Listen to them.."

As she heard Geno say; "Come on Queen! You can do this! You're the only one who can defeat her!"

Link; "Ugh! Yea I had a fever dream & in it I won out over her.. But then I woke up and found out that I'd been captured too! ( Razz) Come on already take her out!"

Mario: "Yea! That'sa right you can do'a it! We'a all believe in you!"

Looking to all of her friends; a tear touched her eye.. "Every one.." As her hands came together she says happily; 'Thank you." As the tear glowed & increased in shimmering light by the time it hit the ground everything was bathed in light! The Shadow Queen shielded her eyes with her arm as it flew up into her face but her darkness was no match for Princess Queen's light. As in mere moments every one was freed & the Shadow Queen being bathed in light: was utterly defeated.

Smiling as every one came over to thank her & congratulate her on a job well done she looked over to Luma Party to say to him; "Luma if it wasn't for you.. I wouldn't have been able to win out over her."

As Luma Party smiles to say; "No; you had the power all along you just needed to be reminded of it was all."

Thus with the world saved & every one back together they all lived happily ever after.


OFF: Now THAT my friends is how you end a story. Razz XD

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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Animal10

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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Empty Re: ¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I.

Post by Luma Party on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:34 pm

OFF: Nice ending queen.

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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Empty Re: ¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I.

Post by Gameguy1996 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:38 pm

Off: Nice ending to the story Queen.

¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Ae37ty
Thanks Zero Smile

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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Empty Re: ¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I.

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:16 pm

@queenzelda wrote:Yea I guess so.
Y'know I was joking about nobody being able to make a better story right?

I bet Luma enjoyed being a part of that ending. :PNice Queen. And with that it seems Gameguy has already locked the topic.

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¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I. - Page 16 Empty Re: ¿Where is Bowser?:Chapter I.

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