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Bravely Second Review

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Bravely Second Review

Post by Nino on Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:45 pm

OK so a while after finishing this game, I decide to review it, and it is one of my favorites for 2016 so far.


While Bravely Default's battle mechanics were already good, Second's battle mechanics just add more fluidity and depth. You get all sorts of new stuff like the ability to keep on battling over and over if you beat all foes within one turn for massive bonuses to ease grinding The jobs all return, with some new ones like Catmancer, Hawkeye, Patisser, even the early ones like Wizard and Bishop all having their own unique traits, and by having a secondary job on hand, you can have all sorts of crazy combos like Wizard/Yokai or Bishop/Astrologian. All this leads is to pick the jobs you feel like and experiment on some combinations that will help you defeat any enemy in your way.


The story is simply put, fantastic. It tells where we left off in Bravely Default with the focus being on the Crystal Orthodoxy with the Duchy of Eternia being involved, but a new antagonistic force called the Glanz Empire declares war on the world. We come to learn the motives of the Glanz Empire as we progress. The writing also helps us sympathize with the characters through their struggles. Furthermore, unlike Bravely Default, you don't have to repeat the same tasks over and over to get the true ending of the game.


This game is beautiful. The game moves fluidly, the scenery is astonishing, the dungeons to explore have so much variety, nothing can ever feel like the same repetitive thing over again.


This game has some awesome music. The music helps portray the emotions of the scene very well. While you can get turned down by the voice acting, While it may not have Revo like the first game, Ryo's soundtracks are more than enough for you to get over it, as to be expected from the same guy that composed gems like Black Rock Shooter and Odds&Ends.


This game does what a good sequel should: motivating you to keep on with the story, adding new features and various challenges that will make you feel accomplished for going through them, and retaining the outstanding features of the first game and expanding on them. Square Enix has presented another masterpiece for this year.


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Re: Bravely Second Review

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:34 pm

Cool review! I still haven't played the original and definitely would rather start with that one, but this does make Second more tempting for when I have played the first game. It's good to hear that so much is improved despite hearing such great things about the first one.


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