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Nintendo Predications 2018

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Nintendo Predications 2018

Post by Gameguy1996 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:11 pm

With a big Nintendo Direct likely around the corner I thought now would be the time to try and guess what the big N will do in 2018 even though you can never guess everything.

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch releases in March 
Poochy appears in Yoshi for Nintendo Switch
Kirby Star Allies Allies releases in May
Kirby Star Alies amiibo
Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch sees a worldwide release in July
amiibo for the main characters of the game
Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch has lots of DLC
Pikmin 4 releases in August
New single player IP from Nintendo releases in June
Super Mario Maker port/ new Mario Sports title released
NST helps out another indie dev create the next Snipperclips like game
Some Wii U port releases in April
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch releases in September
A Smash port/ new Smash releases in October
amiibo for any newcomers and past characters that return that where not in Smash 4
Pokemon for Nintendo Switch releases in November
Retro's new IP/ 3D DK come comes out in December
Metroid Prime 4 does not release in 2018
Nintendo has some of there second party studios release 1 or 2 smaller 3DS games or remakes 
Zelda mobile is released in Spring 
Zelda mobile is something like Triforce Heroes
Xenoblade mobile is released in Fall 
Xenoblade mobile includes Xenogears, Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters
Super Mario Run adds Rosalina and a new mode 
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp adds more things to do and never before seen villagers
Fire Emblem Heroes adds a new PvP mode, new mode where you work with friends and a new town building mode
 Fire Emblem Heroes has Lots of seasonal banners
Fire Emblem Heroes has lots of banners for the new Fire Emblem Switch characters
Nintendo Switch online releases in October with the price being $25 a year
Nintendo sells 20 million Switch units in 2018


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Re: Nintendo Predications 2018

Post by Winters Thief Zero on Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:23 am

Nintendo is so incredibly difficult to predict, it seems like it gets harder every year lol. These are mine though:

- Huge Nintendo Direct airs in January showcasing titles releasing through the summer
- Kirby Star Allies releases in February
- Bayonetta 1 and 2 also release on Switch in February and perform much better than they did on Wii U
- Yoshi for Switch releases in March
- Super Mario Maker gets a port or some kind of a sequel that releases in Spring
- Super Mario Odyssey DLC is revealed and releases throughout the first half of the year
- Fire Emblem for Switch releases in June and is MASSIVE
- Project Octopath Traveler is released in summer
- Pikmin 4 is finally revealed and releases in August
- Nintendo releases two new mobile games throughout the year, including Zelda and Kirby games
- New Boxboy is released on Switch eShop
- Nintendo has surprise game release in September or October, either a new IP, or unexpected new title
- Retro's new title is also released towards the end of the year
- Kid Icarus is revealed for Switch, but doesn't release until 2019
- Metroid Prime 4 doesn't end up releasing in 2018
- Pokemon DOES release in 2018 and is Nintendo's big holiday release for Switch
- Another smaller new multiplayer IP from Nintendo releases for Switch in the holiday season, might be eShop-only
- Splatoon 2 continues its stream of new content for longer than expected, lasting until the end of 2018
- Animal Crossing for Switch is revealed for release in early 2019, fans are disappointed it won't come that year
- Third party support grows slightly for Switch, making it good enough for most Switch owners, but not enough for usual PlayStation/Xbox only gamers to want to make the Switch (pun intended) unless they're interested in Nintendo's games
- Nintendo Switch outpaces sales expectations that were already set really high, Switch will sell 30 million units by the end of 2018


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