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The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.

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The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  Empty The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.

Post by queenzelda on Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:56 pm

The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat. [*My true(ish) story]

I bought a gba Metroid Fusion game for my Metroid handheld collection. I bought it at a game store that's local in the area I live in called GameSwap it's a retail chain that sells old consoles games to consumers for a set price. This place sells some pretty decent games & I've bought some games from them before with out any problems. I've bought Lufia 2 for the SNES from them with out any problems & just recently I bought 3 games from them.. La Pucelle: Tactics a PS2 game, Pokemon Blue Rescue Team a DS game & third Medroid Fusion a gba game. I saw that both Metroid & La Pucelle: Tactics were on sale for $5 so I bought them both. The Pokemon Blue Rescue Team game was $10. So I didn't think anything about it La Pucelle: Tactics I wanted to get any way so paying $5 for it was no skin off of my nose. Same with Metroid & the Pokemon Blue Rescue Team game since I only have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue team for the gba & had been looking for Blue for some time now.

But so far my story lies with the Metroid game I bought for a mere $5. Cause seriously $5 for an awesome gba game? Who wouldn't pass that up? Not me. I thought I got a great deal & even pointed out how great a deal it was to Piro when just down the hall way in the very mall where the GameSwap resides a GameStop sells what few gba titles they have left & one title they had was Metroid Fusion; but they wanted $12 for it & I only paid $5 for the copy I bought. I was like "Ha! Suck it GameStop! I got this same titles cheaper else where!" But deep down I wondered why exactly I got this game so cheap... I mean Metroid Fusion is an awesome title & is a pre requisite to Metroid the Other M; in Fusion she talks about how the computer reminds her of Adam thus she names it that & how Adam called her "Lady" while in Other M he apparently called her "Princess". I mean I know I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but Team ninja didn't even get that right. <.<" Any who I digress & will move onto my personal experiences with this game I bought for myself..

Ok the first time I tried to play though this game the game play is the same. Samus gets infected with the X virus, a cure is made, yada yada life goes on you have to make your way into the place where the X's are multiplying on this space station where she was first infected & blah; fine what ever. But thing is.. SA-X has always freaked me out a bit; especially with this game & that Sa-X can pwn Samus with out even blinking. O-o The game gets to the point where you are first told about SA-X being the one who's going around wreaking havoc on this space station. Then comes the part where her face turns towards the screen & you see that her eyes are vapid; there's just nothing there cause SA-X has no soul it's just an X parasite mimicking Samus if you think about it.. especially the way the game talks about how the X can mimic other creatures dna & become them.. It's kind of unnerving. o-o So I get as far as seeing that SA-X is behind all of the havoc wrote on the space station; ok fine it's just how the game goes what ever I'm all for it as this game has a great story, awesome character, & that I bought this for $5 so I'm all in for a great play through of this since it's been so long since I last played it.. Until I turn the power off on my gameboy player. You see I love to play my gba games on my gameboy player & had been playing Metroid Fusion on the gba player via my gc this whole time. So I turn off my gc thinking nothing of it since I remembered saving last. I come back to play on it later & my first save file is gone: wiped clean from the memory.

Great now I know why this game sold so cheaply for it can't keep a save file worth jack. I paid $5 for a game that can't even save properly. Just wonderful. But I think to myself; well maybe it was just the first time I played through was due to my having codes for invincibility on. Maybe the save function just couldn't pick up on Samus the first time cause maybe the gameshark code f*cked it up some how. So the next time I tried with out any codes on I just took it out of the gameshark & went straight into the game. I got to see the start of the game; it went fine no problem. Same story set up & all.. Until it got to the part where Samus talked about the X parasites the game just started to loop this section of the game over & over again. Ok fine the game just had a hang up; reset! So i reset the game using the gameboy player z function to reset the game. I hit z button: restart game. Restart with out saving? Yea I'm fine with it. Third time around I got further. I got to the part where I could control Samus & had to eliminate an X infected monster in the contamination area of the game. Ok I go in defeat the little bugger & then try to go up to the navigation room; but the game started to just reply her going up the elevator over & over again. Great another screw up. <.< this time I hit the z button & took out the game blew on the inside of it & was like fine you seem to like the gameshark then you'll get the gameshark. So I popped the Metroid game back into the gameshark.

This time the game play went great no hang ups or nothin.. All but a few things that seemed to mess with my head.. O-o Ok first of all I ONLY had codes on for infinite energy & infinite missiles. What happened when I played this time around: I DO NOT HAVE CODES FOR. I do not have any codes for changing anything in the text of the game or any codes for SA-X flashing when she first is introduced by the computer CO.. Cause when SA-X is first introduced this time in the play through her name changed from SA-X to 5A-X. I am seriously NOT s***ting you; her name changed from an s to a 5. On top of that when the animation showed for the first time that you the viewer sees SA-X (not the second time when the computer tells you about her) the animation for her flashed. I mean all of her suit was flashing like when I had the code on the first time for an invincible Samus; it was like 5A-X had the same code on.. O_o

I was able to get as far as getting my super jump back & my morph ball jump abilities back but I had to save & go to bed. So I saved turned the game off with out even thinking anything much about it.. That is until I had to play it again from the beginning for the 5th time after I turned my gc off. I kept resetting with out turning the gc off so because it got power from the gamecube it just looked like I could save my game on it. So this time I've decided to play through Fusion keeping the gamecube on.

So far I've had some interesting crap happen with this play through. O-o I had to reset again when the X infection is shown at the beginning of the game.. I've had to reset when the game froze half way into the first sector of the game where Samus is told to go & check on the infected sector.. Then once I reset the game.. This time I had a save file of my arriving at the space station & I know for a fact that there isn't a save point any where close to where Samus's ship landed.. On top of that I don't think that most gba games have a built in save feature after you get past the intro to the game. Especially not a game as old as this one is.. So something screwy is going on some where with this game.. O_o

The text for the SA-X hasn't changed this play through; nor did the animation for SA-X flash when intro-ing the character as it did the third time around either.. The only odd things have been having to reset during some of the intro & after getting into the sector of the space ship where Samus lands her own & then having to reset due to it freezing up. Then after I get back into the game I see the game had saved itself for me right after Samus had got in.. o-o Weird....

Ok so far I've gotten as far as I have before with out any resets or problems. I've since gotten my super jump & morph ball jump for Samus back again & am in the middle of exploring sector 4..

After getting so far in the game I decided to try a different game in my gameboy player; I decided to play Summon Knight witch is a gba game & you can change the name of not only the main character but the name of the summon monster that your main character gets at the start of the game.

Starting up a new game I choose to play as a girl as you can choose either to play as a boy or a girl. Once I started up a file I named the main character Queen. The summon monster she gets later in the game I named Lilly. But when I finished getting past chapter one I saved & quit for the night. But the next day when I went to play the game; my save file was changed to 5A-X yet the name of the summon monster was still the same. I found it odd; but my file seemed to be ok so I continued on from the save file I had started yet as I tried to continue onto the next chapter the game it started to f*ck up the rest of the story & what was said by characters didn't seem to make any sense. So I had to stop playing & take out the game. Looking the game over it seemed fine; so I decided to try a different game & give the gameboy player a rest.

That same night I went out with my sweetie Jing to eat & when he took me home I heard a cat howling; sounding like it had been badly hurt. Worried about a hurt cat being in our yard I got out of the car; to the front porch of our home to find a cat yowling because it had had too much catnip. Approaching the cat it meowed at me before running off. I thought it was odd.. The next day; on Saturday my sweetie Jing had to mow the lawn & he asked me to get two cats out of the front yard. Agreeing I went to the front yard & found a white cat & the cat from the night before were there. I asked them nicely to leave explaining that my sweetie was going to mow & just didn't want to hurt them.They understood & ran off after the other one meowed at me yet again; which I found to be pretty odd..

A week went by with out any gba game f*ck ups, there seemed to be more odd occurrences with cats during this time.

But I decided to try a different gba game the next week & I tried a Pokemon Ruby game for the gba. Choosing to play the female character instead of the male I named her Queen as I usually name all of the files where I can name the main. Choosing the grass type as my starter I got as far as the first gym before I beat it & then saved & quit for the night. The next day I went back into the file & the name of the file was 5A-x. But the file was fine & even played fine which I thought was very odd. So the next day I took every gba game I had & tried every gba game I had where the character could be renamed & the name would always change every single one. Every one but the gbc games I had that I could give a name to a file. None of the gbc games were effected. Nor were any file that I made for the gamecube. I found this to be veryodd indeed; as it seems that the gba player seemed to only effect gba games & nothing else. So I took out my DSlite & erased one of my gba files for Summon Knight & the game worked fine; no renames of the main character or ANYTHING. Same with the other gba games that seemed to have issues when played on the gba player. So it seemed that my gba player was haunted & whoever the ghost 5A-x was seemed to be effecting my gba games.

Also while trying to figure all of this out; I started to notice that some of the food that was going bad that we would toss out was starting to get eaten. At this time we did not have our dog; there was no animal that either of us could find was eating on this food that had been thrown out. o-o

Still.. This is all still a bit unnerving...

As I talked to my sweetie Jing about all of this he came to the conclusion that one; the gba player was haunted seeing as the gba games would play alright on my DSlite. Also, we seemed to have a ghost cat seeing as we seemed to have a lot of cats coming to our house & doing odd things. To prove it I left out some tuna & when I went to check on it later; the tuna had been eaten. So our hunch had been right all along, we had two ghosts in our new house a cat & a little girl who some how seemed to latch herself onto my gba player of all things.

As time went on; eventually since I choose to play gba games on my dslite the gba player came to play my games normally... At least until a couple of days ago.. When I visited the old creepy pasta site & started to read on the Majora's Mask story told by Jadusable. I had been into his story a year before my husband & I moved into our new home. It was during this time of rereading this story that more odd things started to happen.. WAY more then just the gba player that had been haunted..

On our way home from getting some groceries earlier that day I had just read the first part of Jad's story; looking out the window of the passengers seat in the car as my husband drove; I spotted a young man walking along the side of the road. He wore a dark green shirt, and a tattered green denim jacket, with green pants & brown boots. The denim jacket had a hoodie which he had over his head as we passed him by; but looking back at him through the mirror on my side I saw him pull his hoodie down & he had blond hair... But his face..... Was ashen white.. "It's BEN.. He's trying to tell me something." I told my husband suddenly. My sweetie Jing just chuckled & said to me; "Yea, to stop reading his creepy pasta story most likely. Oh come on honey; he's just some guy he's not BEN or anything. You get spooked to easily."

Looking back to where I thought the man would be along the side of the road; there was no one there. He was gone by that time.. Turing back in my seat I wondered if he was warning me about 5A-X's return.. She had been dormant for a while now..

But as I sat in the car heading towards home; that night I wondered if maybe what I had seen on the way home was a warning of 5a-X's possible return..

The next day when I got up I decided to play some Animal Crossing City Folk. It'd been a while since I had played the game & when I looked there was one more file.. A BEN file.. I was right, he was trying to warn me of something.

Curious I started the game using my Queen file. Looking around in the town I named "Bacon" I noticed that BEN had marked my house with a statue looking design underneath my mailbox; on the ground as it were in the game. Same for the mailbox my husband had for his file & even the file I had named Etna after my best friend..

If I can I'll take some video of it...

I mean I know I was just laughing everything off; but seriously some times it's easier to laugh at the terror then to be scared by it..

Even still; it seems like our houses have been marked; & something weird is DEFINITELY going on here... So as I sat & tried to figure everything out I wondered.. Could my other games be infected? Or is it just the Animal Crossing City Folk game that has been some how infected by BEN.. Was some one messing with me? Or maybe; could it be possible that 5A-X had moved from my gba player to my Wii console somehow?

Unless..... BEN IS real.. And ISN'T a story.. But it was a story... It was..

No.. It can't be.. 5A-X.... Became LIKE BEN; after reading the creepy pasta story, 5A-X had some how evolved to a haunting that had possibly gone further then even BEN's had?

I...... Just... Don't understand what is really going on.. What should I believe.. Who is BEN? Who is 5A-X? What do they or IT want from me??


*Sigh* I think for now I'm just going to take a break from all of this & try to sort it out after I've got a clear mind..

Well.. That's it.. My game & my town is gone. Replaced with a hacked name for my town 84(0/\/ & my file name is now 5A-X.

For get it.. It's not worth the headache or the anger I feel at something or some one taking over my game.. My town I created..

In the end I give up & refuse to play ACCF any more since it seems to be the only game effected.. Or at least so I thought untill. I came online.... And my user name was changed........

It was changed to 5A-X!!!!!!!!!!! No.. No... It can't be.. No.. How? Why? What? I...

Does that mean that... In the end.. I became that which I sought to get away from?........

No I can't accept that.. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*5A-X has blacked out* [/end]

The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  Animal10

The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  Nl-but10 The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  1i05ki  The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  9swl7a The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  261p943

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The haunted GBA player & a ghost cat.  Luma-p10
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