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Most Chilling/Creepiest/Scariest Mario Song?



Most Chilling/Creepiest/Scariest Mario Song?

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:49 pm

For Mario... This one certainly stands out:

I understand what the whole River Twygz and stuff is supposed to be. The Underwhere is basically the Netherworld(or Hades if you prefer) and River Twygz is based off of Greek Mythology of the River Styx(BEWARE! The dead yearn for your soul...).

This has to be the most disturbing Mario song. All the implications of The Underwhere make it the very definition of creepy, in all honesty. But this is also the best Chapter I feel...

Uh oh...
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Re: Most Chilling/Creepiest/Scariest Mario Song?

Post by queenzelda on Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:18 pm

For me it's Twilight Town that I think is most creepiest. ;P



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